Payment METHOD

Q: What methods of payment do you have?
A: We accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and gift cards. 
Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro. Please note that our global processing service does not accept cards issued by local banks without the aforementioned logos. In this situation, we recommend you use PayPal instead. 

PayPal: Once you have signed up your PayPal account, you can use our PayPal shortcut to accelerate your payment process. 

Debit cards include Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

Gift cards/codes: You can surely use our gift cards. Every gift card has a unique gift code. Simply type it out at check out.  

Q: Can I pay by installment?
A: We are sorry. We don’t have this option.

Q: How do the debit card and credit card transactions work?
A: When you place your order, HOMOTH will gain authorization from your bank. The authorization will temporarily freeze the amount of your payment in your bank. Please note that the money is still in your hand. They are temporarily frozen to ensure the successful processing of the order. The freezing time is decided by your bank. The money will not be deducted from your account before shipment.  

Q: Is the transaction safe? 
A: All transactions processed through us are encrypted by software. Your information will be encrypted to ensure safety. HOMOTH strives to keep safety at the highest level and fight for anti-fraud. We get timely updates about the newest safety technologies to ensure that your card information, contact information and shipping/payment information is confidential and safe.  

Q: How will you issue a refund if I no longer use the card when I placed the order?
A: As long as the account linked to your original card is still active, we can still process your refund regarding this account, even if your card is lost, stolen or canceled. Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a refund to other cards or accounts. If your account is closed prior to the refund process, please contact your bank.

Q: Will I get a receipt?
A: Definitely. We will email your receipt once we receive your order and have cleared your balance.