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Puzzle aficionados of today can choose from multiple different types of wood puzzles to suit their passions for perplexity.


You can create a replica of a real truck model from the previous era. Have a car competition with your friends.


You can finish a small 3D wooden film projector puzzle that can be shown without a battery. Or build something mechanical that can move. Once you’ve completed it, you can wind it up and start to feel the fun of marbles.

Why Puzzles Are Good for Your Child's Development

The world-famous philosopher Immanuel Kant stated that “The hand is the visible part of the brain”. Toys play a significant role in the process of children’s understanding of the world around them, which attracts their curiosity and attention with their bright colors, special shapes and interesting gameplay. Good toys can arouse the enthusiasm of children’s activities, is the textbook of children’s learning.


The puzzles have been around since the 1700s, and have evolved from hand-cut wooden educational tools to a huge industry targeting children and adults alike. 3D puzzles add an extra challenge to traditional puzzles for several reasons, but they also have amazing educational benefits for children and teenagers.


Puzzle aficionados of today can choose from multiple different types of wood puzzles to suit their passions for perplexity.

puzzles toys

Let's explore some of the benefits of 3D puzzles, they can:

  • Improves visual memory and concentration
  • Develops patience, long-term results and self-esteem
  • Encourages problem-solving
  • Improves the ability to see and make a geometric association between pieces
  • Helps to cultivate the collective concept and the spirit of cooperation
  • Develops mathematical logic, classification and association
  • Improves spatial orientation and fine motor skills

Also, you will find that the puzzle opens the communication valves and can lead to reinforcing the bond and trust between family members.

Puzzles are now not just for entertainment, but also for combining practical functions with puzzles to provide intellectual exercise while satisfying the needs of life.

For another mechanical option that’s a bit simpler, try putting together this 200-piece 3D treasure box with a working lock to keep small items safe. 

Go for something more abstract with this colorful globe, each one is a different shade. It can be hung as a wall painting, and can also increase the geographical knowledge.

The biggest difference between a 3D puzzle game and a 2D puzzle is that 3D puzzles can bring it more to life. When you build a 3D model, not only are you working hands-on in architecture and design, but you are creating a little piece of art to showcase around your house.

Come and pick a puzzle that fits your child’s interests and spend some sweet family time together!